Create a Positive Journal-Writing Practice for Your Life

“But I couldn’t do that!”

People sometimes get discouraged about journalling because they think they have to be amazing writers, write in a certain way, or only focus on problems.

A journal can be a positive, fun, and useful part of your life. Download my free guide to start, or re-start, a journalling practice that works for you.

You’ll learn to:

  • set up your writing time to be special and welcoming
  • hold an open and non-judgemental attitude to your writing
  • create a sense of safety
  • make your journal enjoyable to use
  • expand your awareness beyond the page or screen

Readers say:

“It makes me want to keep a journal”. – Carla B.

“Just read your journal guidebook….and I must say that it is beautifully written. I can absolutely hear your voice, calm and gently nudging me, and I feel inspired to find a spiral notebook just for me”. – Shelley S.

“I have always wanted to journal, but had a very narrow idea of what that might involve.  You have inspired me to experiment with other forms of expression more suited to my personality and lifestyle and answered questions about security and more that I had not even considered! Thank you so much Sheila, for setting me off on the path to journaling MY way! I can’t wait to take your course!” – Melissa d

“The freedom/permission knowing it’s okay if it’s not perfect spelling or in words at all, whatever way you feel like expressing yourself is acceptable….the guide is also visually pleasing and inviting to look through”. – Danielle P.